How To Create A Really Compelling, Focused Brand Identity: Pt #2, Tone + Visual Elements

How To Create A Really Compelling, Focused Brand Identity: Pt #2, Colour Psychology

In this Brand Identity Series we are walking through the process I highly recommend you go through, to Create a Compelling, Focused Brand Identity. We have already covered a lot in Part 1, if you missed that - scoot over to that post and then right back here to learn how to make your business a distinctive white elephant.


  1. Paint Colour Swatches

  2. A3 Mountboard or Foamboard, Neutral

  3. Assortment of elements (old photos, ornaments, leaves/flowers... Anything that inspires you.)

  4. Magazines

The Lay

Being sure to have nabbed yourself a whole host of paint swatches in lots of varying tones, don't be shy... Keep them close by as we begin the exercise.

Lay out your board, I highly recommend doing this physically (purely for a different level of creativity) and not sticking to a digital board - but if that's what you need to do that's absolutely OK! So here you are tentatively laying out everything that may have inspired you, including the words you wrote. I want you to look at these words altogether and pick 3 that best sum up what you want your brand to look and feel like. With those words at the forefront begin to add your magazine cut-outs (images, fonts, textures, patterns) anything that intuitively resonates with you. There will probably be an abundance but don't limit yourself just analyze.

You may indulge in this process for some time, but when you feel you have enough... Looking at each picture (Marie Kondo Style) ask yourself:

Clarifying Your Brand Identity

You are now beginning the process of elimination. You will begin to remove elements that are simply there because you like them but do not correlate with your 3 words or Your Brand Story. It was crucial in the beginning to span wide and long and gather everything that moves you but in this second stage we have to start matching up what moves you to what's aligning with your Brand Identity.

As you whittle down all your images, fonts, elements, words, fabrics use washi tape or glue to stick these in place. No perfectionism necessary.

Remember you made all the effort to go all that way to gather your paint swatches, we're about to use them and it will be worth it.

We all see colour differently but the truth of Colour Psychology is that we all respond to it differently. Now how appealing is that when we think about using this idea to our advantage. Like Facebook, Tropicana and The Bodyshop who I discussed in my first post.

We all see colour differently and different personality types respond to colour differently. How appealing to think of how effectively we could reach our target taking the right action with this. The reaction that will lead your people to buy into you and from you.

We are now going to jump into identifying which season your business falls into. There are 4 distinctions and they do clearly represent personalities. Don't be indecisive here, be quite firm with yourself to create cohesion with your branding. At most have one secondary season but the ultimate would be to chose one.

You will naturally be attracted to one or two seasons over others and this is a good thing, lean into to what resonates with you and the way you'd like your business to be seen the most.

The Spring Personality

Enthusiastic, bright, people - focused, great communicators, big-thinkers and big time fun people. The Spring Personality is full of optimism and youthful energy. Just like the first peeking of spring they love newness, and have a very positive outlook. As people, Spring personalities are bubbly friendly and fabulous hosts, wildly social and fun to be around. So their homes often reflect their need to entertain and bring people together.

Use these 👇🏽 attributes to help you as you match up your brand to your season:

Attributes: Clarity, Simplicity, Sparkling, Creativity, Open, Forward Thinking, Optimistic, Friendly, Bursting with Life, On Trend


Think of hazy summer days at the beach, it’s not about the perky brights of spring anymore as the landscape takes on a hazier, muted and more beautifully sun bleached tone. The energy is still high but there is a relaxation that comes with it. Summer personalities are often graceful, elegant, stylish and value quality. They have a deep romantic and intuitive side together with efficiency, productivity and being well-organised. A Summer personality feels a strong sense of responsibility and will never let you down.

Use these 👇🏽 attributes to help you as you match up your brand to your season:

Attributes: Cool-Calm-Collective, Elegant, Romantic, Graceful, Reserved, Efficient, Balance, Harmony, Abstract, Misty, Dreamy, Luxurious, Aspirational


Like Spring Autumn is another time of quick change for us and most animals, there is a feeling of exuberance and productivity as garden's are abundant and it's harvest time. The landscape quickly becomes striking and intense. Leaves change to the most amazing intense fiery reds and burnt oranges, often set against rich blue skies. Colours are rich and intense just like Autumn personalities - passionate, energetic, enthusiastic, highly independent, and ambitious. They love the past and are fascinated by history.

Use these 👇🏽 attributes to help you as you match up your brand to your season:


Passionate, Energetic, Warm, Ambitious, Earthy, Organic, Authentic, Abundant, Cosy, Comfortable, Family, Lifelong Learners, History


A season of crisp extremes, the bright light sun or the drizzly rain, the icy snow and deep gusts. Extreme, but clarifying, sharp and beautiful. Much in the same way Winter Personalities are strong, dynamic, realistic, self-assured, intelligent and highly ambitious people. They are incredible business owners. Winter is glamourous, luxurious and surprisingly unfussy. Winter is the only palette that contains black. There are many other alternatives for other seasons for typography, for example navy, charcoal, mahogany or brown.

Use these 👇🏽 attributes to help you as you match up your brand to your season:


Opulent, Visionary, Driven, Decisive, Cutting Edge, Market Leader, Strong, Focused, Precise, Lavish, Compelling, Expensive, Disciplined

Feel free to spend a couple of days here, Googling Colour Psychology and Personalities, looking at palettes and the broad array of tones in each season. Cut up your colour swatches and choose the tones you want to go for that correlate to your season, then add them to your board. I recommend choosing now more than 3-5 for your colour paletter - this process will require a lot of short-listing!


This exercise of matching up everything you have collected and refining who you are alongside your brand's season personality is very clarifying. It guides you through to the palette you will be working within, the characteristics of that personality and really helps you to go that much deeper in speaking directly to them. As you keep within your guide and don't try to cross the boundaries of mixing colours from all seasons in a hope to diversify, you propel your communications to your target subconsciously. If you do end up pick 'n' mixing, your messaging will end up disjointed and confusing. Trust the process, enjoy the exercises and pat yourself on the back afterwards for how diligent you have been for gaining that much more clarity.

The next steps

We have covered a fair amount of ground on fundamental basics of Creating a Compelling, Focused Branding Identity and from here you could choose to get stuck in yourself and go forward to begin drafting defined brand elements like your logo or you could hire a designer. Make sure you have a good look through a handful of recommended designers portfolios and look for if you feel their style and ability matches with what you have envisioned and clarified with this exercise.

Stayed tuned we'll have more coming up on the type of projects you can do on Canva in a later post, as well as some personal stories coming up!

Love + Blessings,


Credits + References:

Fiona Humberstone


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