How To Create A Really Compelling, Focused Brand Identity - Pt 1 #Colour

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

It's so common to have an epiphany for an idea, and even the gumption to go for it but then get lost because your Brand Identity isn't clear enough. There is only applaud for those who don't stop there, don't pack it all in and decide to go back and see where the lines got crossed or even tangled. Ok, Toya, what are we talking about here, what's a Brand Identity? It's the 'face' of your business that has depth, emotion and style. It's much more than 'smart'. It's the difference between, "Oh yes I saw some brand on Instagram who does that. What was their name now?" And... "Oh yes, WildCrackers does that."

Brand Identity is about playing to your strengths, your story and creating a connection between you, your business and clients.

If you are just starting out and you have a pool of ideas, you may have even honed down to one and now you're ready to move on to the next stage. The first stage would be: Creating a Successful brand Story for a Passionate, Powerful Business I would suggest walking through the process I lay out here first, and come right back here second!

5 Step Process to Creating a Remarkable Identity


Let's talk about colour, colour is a fundamental tool used to evoke emotion. Let's do a little test, think of the blue used in Facebook's branding, would you say it conveys a more informative, stable, service energy than say if pink was chosen? Fun fact: blue is also the most favourite colour among humans worldwide. Hmm, correlates why most of the world has a Facebook account, even if it has been deactivated a few dozen times! Or how about the green of The Body Shop, keeping it's natural products in mind would you say it induces a balanced, calm, reliability feeling for you, compared to if a red was used? Lastly how about the yellow of the brand Tropicana, would I be completely off if I asked if it made you feel fun, energetic, stimulated instead of say, white?


Grab a notepad, think of your business and ask yourself:

(Now don't be surprised if you feel stretched, if you can't answer these all in one sitting. That is fine. But set an alarm reminder everyday to give yourself at least 30mins - 1 hour to do this. Find time - you must. If you want confidence, energy and impact give yourself and your business the effort to make it compelling, now. Tough questions may challenge you to think big and stay focused but then be able to execute the business you envision.)

1. What are my service or product qualities + values? Write 3 or each.

2. What emotion would I like to evoke when people engage with my product or service? Is there one that really stands out? Choose 4 distinctive emotions.

3. What are some of the words of positive feedback you have received? Write emotive

words large.

4. What elements are key to your brand story: a story that birthed the idea, a person (maybe even a symbol for you represents), a photograph, Illustrations or elements that sparked you?

Now we're going to put all these elements together and create a colour board. Words, elements, photographs anything that you have from the above exercise. Digitally on say Pinterest or by hand, which ever feels good to you.

'Colour Pyschology, your secret weapon.'