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The Instagram Edit_Latoya Antonia Brandi


-Alex Chaffanjon

“Wow! The grid looks amazing!!! I can’t even believe this is my grid😭🙏🏽 It seems so silly to cry about IG but it really feels like it’s me but in such an elegant and graceful visual form.”

You’re here because you want to

Stop The Scroll

Make an impact with your Instagram account and start selling. Let me

show you how...

It’s 2021 y’all, and it’s proven Instagram is one of the most effective, intelligent marketing platforms to build your audience on.

But I know ‘the thing’, the thing is it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with the algorithms, the stories, the consistent feed, the reels, the IGTV, it’s a full-time job, how do you keep up the momentum let alone get authentic connections and results?


Right here. In The Instagram Edit, we will start from the ground up. We will begin by walking you through Brand Clarity. Defining the ‘What’ you do, the ‘Who’ you do it for and the ‘Why’ (what problem does it solve for them). We will move into designing your storefront (your Instagram feed), which will utilise colour psychology, it will be simple enough to allow the eye to easily soak in it, but powerful enough to give the desired impression of your brand.

Ok, let me not get ahead of myself and freakishly write every detail of the course in this description.

Copy of NOTES TO SELF (1).gif

You're starting a business or you’re aware your current business needs to grow - so you can reach more people; touch more lives with [insert your service or how your product serves here].

Copy of NOTES TO SELF.gif

You want to take your feed from looking scrabbled, inconsistent and unprofessional to vibrant, magnetising and instantly recognisable.

You want to learn how to design, strategise and find core messages that empower your target audience.

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You want your audience to scroll your feed, read your content and say, “How did they KNOW that about me??


This course is for you if

Go Go Go

If this is for you, go ahead, delve into educating and implementing advancing your Instagram account without weeks of work. This course is one of the most valuable resources for Instagram under 2 hours on the market.

After you complete this course, you will have a high-level understanding of what steps to take to Stop The Scroll, make an impact and start selling.


I’m excited to see you in the course! 👇🏽

- Latoya


  • The Instagram Edit

    LIMITED THA PRICE - Full Price £249
    Valid for 3 years
    • ✔ Understanding what Instagram is all about
    • ✔ Brand Clarity
    • ✔ Complete upgrade of your current Instagram account
    • ✔ Where + How to Source High Resolution Photography
    • ✔ How to write relatable 'above the fold' captions
    • ✔ How to write soulful call-to-actions
    • ✔ Hashtags relevant to your brand
    • ✔ How to comment to give value
    • 𝗕𝗢𝗡𝗨𝗦𝗘𝗦:
    • ✔ Designing eye catching headline bio with fonts
    • ✔ How to write strategic, compelling Instagram bios