Telling your story powerfully.

Identifying who you are, what you stand for and what you have to give others.


I will help you hone your message and visually communicate it so you have the confidence and excitement to stand out and share it.


The place where we either turn visitors into relationships or we welcome continual tourists.


It's the place where those relationships should turn into revenue and it's my job to make sure your website is designed to do that.

The gifts that keep giving:


An opt-in gives your audience what they want, in more value than they anticipated.


Your sales page uses clear design to show your service or products in the most compelling way, eliminating distraction and calling for action.

A great social media presence helps validate your brand. 

Impactful design + a powerful message are a winning formula for your social media strategy. 

I help you to build brand consistency and make an impact whilst reaching your target audience.


60 minute Brand Consultation

Brand design development

Logo design

2 x Social media cover 

3 x Social media post templates 


1 x Business card design


60 min Design Consultation 

Website design & development

10 Page opt-in pdf

2 x Social cover photos  

5 x Social media post templates



1 x Business card design


Complete Branding:

60 min Design Consultation  Brand design development   Logo design

Style guide

1 x  Website design & development

1 x Sales page 

10 Page opt-in pdf

2 x Social media covers

5 x Social media post templates





I'm Latoya (though Toya feels more like home) and that's just what I'm all about. Finding that comfortable ground where what I do, say, create and how I live come from peace, which leads me to think creatively about all I do in a day. 


So, why do I design? I believe in these powerful words of Howard Thurman 'Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.' 


I create branding that helps your audience, find you, love you and stay with you.


 Let's be very real - no one has what you have to give, in the way you have to give it, so don't even try to mimic anyone else's style or message - your genius + my design = sweet wildfires. 



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